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Take note: when forwarding money to an exchange or seller, you believe the operator to keep your funds safe and that the operator keeps secure systems that covers theft both internal and external. You are advised to get your relay world identity of the operator and make sure details are sufficient to back it up. Because Litecoin services are not regulated, lots of services are operating when it is widely known that they are not secure and the website referring to them may not be updated. Some options for depositing Bitcoin are not yet available for other crypto currency. It depends on your preferred option for depositing fund in order to obtain Litecoin. If you intend to take advantage of price votality for Litecoin, you can trade with Plus500 for CFDs. You capital may be at risk when trading online, it is suitable for experienced traders not beginners.

This process includes buying Second Life Lindens with PayPal and then convert the, to Bitcoins. Transactions charges are incurred but it is faster compared to wire transfer. Open an account in VirWox: got to their website and create a new account. Fill in your personal details. It asks for your avatar name, just ignore and tap on Register. Your email and password will be forwarded to your mail after your registration is completed. Change your password: In your mail is, you will see the password sent. Log on to VirWox with the password sent. It is advisable to change your password since you will be making transaction with your account. Go to Deposit and choose PayPal express method, it is the same option for payments via credit card too. Input the amount you want to deposit either in USD or EUR and click on PayPal checkout button. After funding your account, you can now purchase some Second Life Lindens and trade them into Bitcoins. After the SLL shows in your account at the top left, you will be required to change them into Bitcoins. Now that you have purchased Bitcoins with credit card or PayPal, you can now use them to purchase Litecoins. You can choose the common BTC-E, but there are several options that allow you to exchange Litecoins.

Credit cards are as well capable for chargebacks so it might be complicated to make use of them for buying cryptocurrencies. You can fund your account on Crypto Trade with MasterCard/Visa card through Payeer. You can also make use of the same method that was used in PayPal.

It is very easy to locate people either for buying or selling Litecoin for cash on this websites:, Facebook group, expresscoin, and Local Litecoins subreddit. They support cash deposit at Credit unions when you engange in shared branching. You can also check CoinTouch, they locate people for purchasing and selling Litecoins in social network for cash payments.

You can purchase Bitcoin from expresscoin, simply by following these steps:
-Create an account, select a username, and input your email and password
-Verify your information including your mail and mobile number
-Link your Wallets address with the coins that you want to be sent
-Purchase from our linked wallet, or directly from dashboard.

Harboly gives your opportunity to purchase and dispose Litecoins by hooking up with any bank account in US, debit or credit directly through the automated clearing house banking network. Harboly allows you to manage your Litecoins from your digital wallet.

Some websites that supports wire transfer and SEPA payments include BTC-E, Kraken, and OKPay.

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