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Litecoin wallet is considered the most important tool you must have for safety and protecting Litecoins and other digital currencies, it is advisable to get familiarized with it.


Just like Bitcoins, it can also be stored in a digital wallet. This involves tracking your total Litecoins value and allows you to complete several transactions. The e-wallet might be considered an email system, excluding sending and receiving messages; you can forward and receive Litecoins and money. You can also confirm the records and the history of exchanges and eye your financial transactions.


Every wallets has its advantages and the other side, it is more risky whereby a company's website might be hacked and get your wallet stolen, but it can be used anywhere in the world apart from that. Offline wallets are termed safer since someone will require physical access to your device to steal your coins. You are also allowed to send Litecoins from a specific device. Some wallets are free; some might require charges for several transactions. Be sure to clarify and fine for reward when selecting a wallets and track any close attention to fees, as they might pile up in a short time. There are different Litecoin wallets that are available, but not as diverse as Bitcoins.


Litecoin-QT: This is a wallet for desktop which can be used personally. It is convenient but take note that after using this wallet, it simply means all your Litecoins are now stored on your computer. It is free of charge and requires no charges. This is service is easy and it generates address and key for your Litecoins, after which you can print the address and key to safe your Litecoins offline. This is a good service, as it is safe to store up coins offline to avoid theft.

CoinKite: This is a common wallet for Litecoin and Bitcoin that was established by Peter Gray and Rodolfo Novak. Coinkite is also termed as transparent, and have it server located in Canada. It does not work based on cloud services, and have various measures to ensure the safety of your funds and coins. Though you might be charged high, but they offer numerous services that may be worth a look.
Litecoins are stored in digital wallets that comprises of offline where it is safe and online for daily trading activities. Below is the guide to creating a completely secure offline wallet to be stored in a thumb drive.


This selection for Ubuntu is to avoid spyware, malware and other viruses. You can download Ubuntu from their official website, after which you can move to the second step. The downloaded file will be needed later.


The next step is to make thumb drive bootable. Move to the Universal Installer Site and download the USB installer Install the program after completing download.


Launch the Universal USB Installer.

1. Select Ubuntu
2. Select the Ubuntu file that was downloaded earlier
3. Select your thumb drive. You can restart program if the menu doesn't pop up and maintain the drive plugged in. Tick the tiny box to format the thumb drive, to maintain a clean thumb drive. Click on create and run the program.
4. Before Ubuntu is restarted Everything is ready to run the Ubuntu, read the instructions given to you here and move on to the next step.
5. Reboot to Ubuntu Make sure the thumb drive is plugged in when restarting your PC. Ubuntu should be started automatically, pres ESC if not, while your computer reboots. Select RUN UBUNTU FROM USB DRIVE from the popup. Don't install Ubuntu to avoid data on your computer and the OS refreshes when you access your wallets each time.
6. Download Litecoin Wallet After booting the Ubuntu operating system successfully, download the Litecoin client. Download the Litecoin client following the official website of the Litecoin client. Choose your system version.
7. Secure your Litecoin Wallet Everything is set and here is the last thing and the room to save your Litecoin wallet safely in a thumb drive.

• Go to the >Bin>32 from the extracted folder. Launch client named Litecoin-Qt. • After launching the Litecoin client, close again.
• Open Home Folder, you will see the menu.
• Select Edit>Preferences
• Click on Show Hidden and Backup Files and close the dialog box
• Go to Home>.Litecoin Folder
• Find a file named Wallet.dat and right click it.
• Select your USB drive on the left part of Window, Right click on wallet.dat file to thumb drive. Your Litecoin wallet is successfully stored on the thumb drive.

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