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Selling Litecoins requires more transaction charges than usual. It is suitable for those that intend to exchange it for cash quickly and willing to pay additional charges for it. You are advised to make use of bank transfer if you can hold the time and patience involved. There are some problems attached with forwarding and converting Litecoins or other crypto currency into your account. It is even more complex trading with Litecoins because there is no LTC/EUR or LTC/USF exchange. Firstly you have to exchange Bitcoins with Litecoins and the dispose Bitcoins via PayPal.

Here are two ways to sell your Litecoins:
Plus500: is the top Forex platform that allows for Litecoins and Bitcoins CFD trading. You have to learn trading with CFD before taking any step so as to avoid loss of money.
Here are some problems attached with this type of trading:

• Lack of liquidity increases the value or fall without warning.
• A company that offers such services does not have a verified method.
• Fraud scheme that offers to trade by setting up fake company is common.

Sign up for an account with Plus500.
Plus 500 is a trade engine that is approved and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority and listed on Stock Exchange in London. Standard is worth a gold in today's Financial regulations. It's one of the most used trading engines that give room for CFDs on Bitcoins.
Register on their official website and hit the Start button trade, after which you can choose to download trading software.

Verify your account. You will receive a verification link sent to your email address.
Open your mail and click on verify link. To earn a 20 Pound bonus verify your phone number. The link will be at the top hand right corner of the trade session dashboard right below your email.
After clicking on this, you will be required of name, address, phone number and questions about trading experience and financial instruments. You will be asked to verify your phone number after this, enter your mobile number; you will receive a number to verify your phone via text message.

Find your account and get promotional bonus. Before trading, you will have to deposit some amount of money with your account and receive 20 Pound bonus.
It depends on your deposit; you might be offered around 6000 Pounds bonus. They offer limited time promotional bonus for first deposit as a new comer.
Plus500 allows for payment by using Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer and Skrill, so you have numerous options to fund your account.

Place a trade. To launch the software f plus500 trading, download it on your desktop from their official site. Click Virtual below the Forex tab.
You have to specify the number of coins you want to trade, to target loss and profit points.
This is not an actual Litecoin or Bitcoin, it is just a CFD.

VIRTUAL WORLD EXCHANGE (VireWox): This is a website that allows people to exchange Second Life Lindens as well as Bitcoins. Register on the website by inputting your necessary details except Avatar name.
• Activate your account and change your password. Once you are done with the registration, you will be sent your password. Log on to the website and change your password so as to ensure safety.

• Obtain a Bitcoin address. Deposit with your Bitcoin address by clicking on deposit and click on Deposit and copy the address.

• Exchange your Litecoins into Bitcoins. You can choose to with BTC-E or Vircurex.

• Withdraw your new Bitcoins into the VirWox Bitcoin address that was earlier created.

You can now exchange your Bitcoins with Second Life Lindens via BTC/SLL.

Exchange your SLL to USD or USD.

Withdraw your funds into your account.

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